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Welcome to RIAC

The Rights Information and Advocacy Centre Inc (formerly Regional Information and Advocacy Council) (RIAC) is a not for profit organisation operating throughout Geelong, central, northern and north-western Victoria providing information and advocacy support to individuals, families, carers and communities.

The history, culture, diversity and value of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, their Elders and Respected Persons are recognised and acknowledged.

The history, culture, diversity and value of all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, their Elders and Respected Persons are recognised and acknowledged.

RIAC and the National Disability Insurance Scheme

RIAC is very pleased to have been selected by DSS to deliver the newly implemented External Merits Review Support Service (EMRSS) to those Victorians who are resident in the Barwon launch site.

The EMRSS offers very specific support for people with disability seeking an external review of a decision made under the National Disability Insurance Scheme. All people with disability will be offered a support person when seeking external merits review by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT).

This service demonstrates that people with disability will get a fair go when seeking a review , and ensures the review system is accessible and supportive for people with disability. It is also recognition of RIAC's success as an outstanding advocacy service over the past 30 years that it has been selected to deliver the service in the Barwon area of Victoria.

RIAC is turning 30 - A Strong and Enduring Voice

In 2014 RIAC is turning 30 years old, having commenced as a small beginning in Shepparton and in that period grown to now include an area equivalent to 65.27% of Victoria’s land mass and 5 offices.

RIAC is in the process of finalising its program of activities to mark the celebration in each of RIAC’s offices locations throughout the year. Please check the website for details of RIAC’s celebration events in each location.

Strengthening Parents Support Program (SPSP)

Supporting Children And Families For All Levels of Disability.

The Strengthening Parents Support Program within RIAC assists parents and carers of children with a disability or developmental delay. The program currently operates from a self-help group model and provides opportunities for parents in similar situations to meet on a regular basis for: mutual support, networking opportunities, information sharing and training.

Karen Murphy Scholarship

RIAC has implemented a Support Fund for secondary school students and post secondary aged people with a disability to assist with the costs of their study/apprenticeship.

Disability Advocacy Victoria

Disability Advocacy Victoria (formerly Victorian Disability Advocacy Network VDAN), has been established as the peak body for independent disability advocacy organisations and groups in Victoria.

For more information go to the DAV web site

last update 14/02/2015